Proszę o opisanie ulubionego znanego zespołu muzycznego.Oczywiście po angielsku !W opisie ma być kto tam gra jakie mają najpopularniejsze piosenki .Proszę jak najszybciej ! Nie musi to być polski zespół , ale może być polski tylko nie pisać po 3 zdania minimum 1 strona zeszytu A4.



Feel – Polish pop team established in Katowice in 2005 by Piotr's vocalist Kupichę. They are supplementing the group key'er Łukasz Sheepskin, bass player Michał Nowak and the percussionist Michał Opaliński. Feel won a lot of musical awards including Frederickas' Musical Award, Telekamery and Superjedynki. At the end 2007 of May in the Katowice club Decadence the group recorded a music video for the first singles and when there is already a darkness. Apart from musicians a dancer spoke at the video clip Aneta Piotrowska, well-known for the TVN program Dance with stars, however Tomasz Bulenda became the director . In June they announced that the team had been in a leading ten of Polish contractors fighting with Festival Sopot .

Licze na najj
Us favourite music band is Feel.
In this band there are five persons.
This band begun their activities in 2005,
then they get prize - Amber Nightingale.
Piotr Kupicha is vocalist of tis band.
He plays the guitar and sings songs.
This band have many concerts in Poland and all world.