Do odpowiednich początków zdań (1-5) dopasuj zakończenia (a-e) Uzupełnij zdania brakującymi partykułami ( w niektórych zdaniach potrzebne sa dwa partykuły).

1 I was looking ______ _______
2 I know ‘marijuana’ is a difficult word to spell, but you can always look it ________________
3 I must get __________ ___________
4 I always tell my trainees to look __________ ___________
5 I remember that when I was a teenager, my mother always made me look ___________

a sorting all those papers on my desk, I’ve been putting it off too long.
b my younger brothers
c the game so much that I almost cried when it was called off because of rain.
d the best sportsmen there are rather than to those who earn the most.
e in dictionary if you’re not sure.