Domestic cats: the domestic Cat has the round head, big eyes adapted for seeing in darkness, pointed ears. He has the outstanding hearing and the eyesight, quite weak smell. He has hard, stiff whiskers put on cheeks, above eyes, on upper and for lower lip and on dorsal sides of front legs - called wibrysami. The domestic cat easily is undergoing running wild, he often crosses with wild cat. His strong claws are supplied with the special mechanism enabling to hide them. Kept cats in household conditions are living c 15 – 20 years. Please wait...
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Siamese cat - one of oldest and longest known breeds of domestic cats. Siamese cats come from the far east a colour of messages which is covering the mask, ears, paws and a tail are their distinctive feature. He has big, blue eyes. It is slim cat, about the elongated silhouette and the muscular structure. Kittens are born white, are beginning wybarwiać only in the second week of the life. Very intelligent Charakter.S ą, willingly are learning different tricks
They are also envious. It is necessary to dedicate a lot of attention to them, therefore they should not be bred by persons which are spending the majority of the time apart from the house.
Nosy, bold, easily they are establishing contact and visits like guests. Well they are feeling in the presence of other cats or dogs. With Maja great temperament, they are well-known from the attachment to the owner, if they lose him, they can it even to cost the health. They are trying to keep the carer company in all household duties, loud they are demanding caresses and the interest. The majority of Siamese cats has excellent appetite, therefore keeping the slim profile of such a cat is a quite big challenge for the owner.