I like skiing and I like play this sport. I think it is possible to practice discipline in the winter and summer, in winter only specialnych jumps. Every year my family go skiing in the mountains. Last year I got new skis on which I learned to ride within 2 days. Always on Sunday if I do not what to do turn on my TV and watch jumps, very fascinated by how far Adam Malysz jump. My colleagues like to imitate him on skoczyni built by us. I have bought the whole suit for the jumper. The next year, my dad promised me to go to the annual competition of small jumpers. Pamiętamjak dad told me that he was a little like this also liked skiing. He says that not once learned to ride. The best was how he told me that once they built a ski jump on which they did in the show jumping competitions, and he broke a ski on the ladies that meet throughout the summer. I think each of us has sometimes come across at least one short stroke. I urge each to try skiing.

Myślę , że pomogłem ....