Every day when i woke up in the morning i go to school.
As soon as I was doing my homework my father come back from work.
Every day before the lunch i clean my hands.
Until 1999 i was a child.
After my birthsday i have a lot's of presents.
I can drive the car without driving license by the time when police will stop me.
While I was in my bad someone knocked on the door.

When I've been in primary school I was good student.
As soon as I've gone to the high school it has getting worse.
Before I've gone to the primary school, I had beed going to the kindergarten.
While I was cooking my dinner, my mother laught at me.
I've gone to my room after the dinner.
I'll be going to the high school until I'll be 19.
By the time, I'm going to the secondary school.