Freedom of evaluating and commenting on the quality of tourist services to the Polish came together with access to the Internet. It was through the network of Poles have the opportunity to express their views and seek information about their interesting offers. Initially, they sought such information mainly on the forums, however, find an opinion about a particular hotel was too time-consuming and often ineffective. On the forums, you can still find a lot of posts of this type that remain unanswered or have very few entries.
The apparent need for Internet users to exchange opinions about the tours and hotels have found the creator of tourist services, who themselves have proposed Internet users can not only view but also offer their assessment. Examples are hotel reviews. Almost every self-respecting online travel agency has its own system of opinions about hotels.

Mam nadzieje ze pomogłam :) pozdrawiam ;D
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Tourism is something cool!

Each of us visited an interesting place, because what finally go somewhere where there is nothing to see?

Everyone likes trips, nawed the shortest. My opinion about tourism is that it is worth it to travel, because we learn many interesting things such as Where is the Palace of Culture, or the Cave Short. I think that for once everyone in your life should go on tour, but for the work not only for the rest. For this who travels knows. But the journey, not only educates and also strengthens our psyche, because the tours We meet many interesting people their customs, religions.
Or tourists, for once.

Wszystko jest ok .