1.this time yesterday i was having lunch in a restaurant
2.he was hawing shower when the phone rang
3. while they were sitting at the table chatting the others were dancing
4. i talked to him over lunch
5. i met an interesting girl on the train to london
6. she hurt her knee in a game of tennis last week
7. they met an old friend on holiday in greece
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.I was thinking about my sister when my mobile rang.It was her.
2.He was watching the news when his dog brought him today's newspaper.
3.I was talking photos when one of the dolphins swam towards me and pushed me towards the boat.
4.liz was sleeping when the earthquake happened
5.kelley was driving car when she got a flat tyre.
6.Anna was dusting the furniture when her mother was cooking dinner,
7.Sue was cooking when she burned her finger.
[mam nadzieje ze pmoglam ;p]
1.While he was reparing the car, his sister was preparing lunch.
2.Peter was walking to school.
3. He was livin in London when he was three.
4. I was learning all evening yesterday.
5. The sun was shining brithly.
6.I was working all day last week.
7. When I was going to school I ate bar.