Prosze o pomoc! przeczytaj tekst i dokoncz wedlug wlasnej wyobrazni po angielsku:
Yesterday evening a burglar broke into a house at 13,Elm street.He climbed through the window into the sitting room.The owner of the house ,mrs robinson ,was at home.When the burglar saw her , he tied her to a chair.He stole some valuable jewels and ran away through the window.Mrs Brown ,the Robinsons neighbour,was at the window of her house when she suddenly saw the thief.She telephoned the police at once.At the same time Mrs Robinson came back home and found his wife tied to the chair.He also telephoned the police.After fifteen minues a police car stopped in front of the Robinsons house.............. i dalej trzeba rozwinac dokonczenie (przynajmniej 5-6 zdan) z gory dziekuje



A popular detective, Kudou Shinichi, came with the police to help with finding a burglar.
- In 15 minutes the thief couldn't run away. He was seen by Mrs Brown running beyond (nie jestem pewna czy beyond jest odpowiednim "za") the building. Mr Robinson, if I can ask, where have you been?
-I was in the shop, I had to buy flowers. Today's women's day, isn't it?
-Yes... Which florist's shop have you come to?
- It was... A, yes, It was Veget street.
Mr Robinson's stammering was suspicious. Shinichi was thinking: "If I run from here to Veget street, how much time I'll be running?". He took the map and started to count the distance.
Everyone was waiting. Who could be the thief?
Suddenly Shinichi said : "I know the thief's identity. It was Mrs Robinson herself!
The thief, who was seen by Mrs Brown was Mr Robinson, who was afraid of his angry wife! He just forgot about the women's day, so before his wife realized him in home, he escaped by the window and ran to florist's. He didn't knew that his wife has already seen him. She was so mad at him, that she decided to make him into robbery. Probably the jewelry is hidden somewhere in the flat. Am I wrong, Mrs Robinson?".
-No... You're correct. I was so sad and angry... He always forget to buy me something. I feel that he doesn't love me..!
... The policeman came into the Robinson's house. He saw mrs. Robinson tied to the chair. At the same moment their neighbour saw a strange man. It was that burglar. He called a policeman to catch the thief. Unfortunately the burglar has escaped but he lost that what he stole. Happy End