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Winter ist eine der vier Jahreszeiten.
Winter beginnt im Dezember und endet im März.
Im Winter ist es sehr kalt.
Es schneit, die Temperatur
liegt oft unter 0 Grad.
Im Winter können wir Ski oder Schlitten fahren.
Wir können auch einen Schnemann machen/bauen.
Im Winter müssen wir uns warm anziehen.
Wir erkelten uns schnell.
Ich mag den Winter nicht, weil es kalt ist, die Sonne scheint nicht und die Tage sind sehr kurz.

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Summer is my favorite season, among other things, because this is the time in which we are free from school. Everything is colorful rays of sunshine, which fills man with positive energy, and at once is to want to play. On earth there is no rotting leaves or unpleasant, piercingly cold snow. At that time, all of creation is like to live? forests and green meadows full of golden ears.The sky is clear and everyone feels carelessly? as if there were any problems. Flowers, bouquets, butterflies? everything in this time of year. People run around the world, the Japanese can be found in Poland and a Pole in Japan. Love and Friendship often thrive when the rays of summer sun.Summer breeze is in itself a mysterious power. Trips to the mountains, swimming in the hot sea, or playing in the sand on the beach? all these events can take place only in summer. Even summer rain brings refreshment. Fields rich in crops, sweet fruit in the orchards? Summer is a favorite time of year the farmers. All these arguments demonstrate the superiority of the years over the other seasons, which also has its advantages.
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