The technology is changing our world not for the recognition. Get to know devices which can change him still more. Of course to better.
Incessantly new devices are launched. They are most often these are however products which we already know. Only the fact that some functions are making better than previous versions of the same appliances distinguishes them. So they aren't carrying too a lot new. Therefore we prepared the description of technological gossip which not yet came the market across, but they are having a chance to the debut. These are ideas being able to change our life to better.
Mobile search engine Fantastic equipment for tourists and not only. When you are staying in the unknown for you for place and you would like to get to know some details - for example about the large building being before you - you can use the mobile search engine. An idea is a tablet offering the minimal design, as well as the touch screen, the integrated camera and the contact Wi-Fi. He will be enough that you will look before to the recalled building and after a moment you will receive right data taken from the Internet. Easily, quickly and very modernly.
Producers of the computer hardware more and more often implement the phone-leaf the devices friendly to the environment. The above photograph is presenting the phone call of the Siemens from Gigaset Eco Visions series. The untypical phone has the OLED display and receivers, however the casing was made in one piece of plastics easily undergoing the recycling. The phone is warning the most rigorous ecological requirements supposedly and would find his way to the user on original... leaf. Subtle.
One-handed reflex camera Manuel Designer Prada Perez was inspired by a barrel and with "ancient telescopic instruments". It is necessary to admit that the source of the inspiration is untypical, but it is a final effect is after all most important. Prada Perez drew up the digital reflex camera which it is possible to serve with one hand! According to the designer drawing such a reflex camera up is possible, although producers would certainly come across certain technical problems. The operated reflex camera in this way would be certainly interesting for more than one photographer.
Writing ballpoint pen SMS-y and e-mails Next interesting idea in our balance sheet. The gadget looks like the standard ballpoint pen, but he offers the far more bigger functionality. You can write the SMS message or the e-mail on a sheet of paper, next to scan her behind the help of the ballpoint pen and to send with cordless road (Bluetooth) to the mobile phone. Then a ready message will appear on the screen of the phone - you can then send her in the form SMS-a or of e-mail. The ballpoint pen offers not only the scanner, but also the own memory, in which he can store priorer messages. Additionally he has also a little OLED display built in which the process of scanning the message is signalling.