Cwczenie 1 z cwiczenia: 1.postman 2.chef 3.actor 4.shop assistant 5.doctor 6.waitress 7.teacher 8.vet
cwiczenie drugie z cwiczenia: A. vet B.nurse
cwiczenie 3 z cwiczenia : 1.no, she didn't 2.no, he didn't 3.yes, she was 4. yes, he did 5.yes, she was 6.no, they didn't 7.yes, she did 8. yes,he was

a teraz ksiazka. cw.8 :: make made
help helped
wake up woke up
get up. got up
read. read
can't. couldn'y
cook. cooked
see. saw
cw.9.:: 1.she did 2.she didn''t get up 3. she had 4.she read
cw.11. :: 1.after 2.after that 3.then it was time to 4.next 5.next 6.after
1 5 1
1. postman
2. waitress
3. vet
4. shop assistant
5. doctor
6. chef
7. teacher
8. actor
A vet
B doctor
2. Yes, he did.
3. Yes she was.
4. No, he didn't
5. No, he wasn't.
6. No,they didn't.
7. Yes, she did.
8. Yes, he was.
Podręcznika nie mam. xd
2 3 2