Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi. My name is Sue. Im 15 years old. I live in London since 2002. I was 7 when I moved here. Originally I come from Leeds, and I still concider it as my home. I've got long and curly brown hair, and blonde highlights. My eye colour is blue, which is quite weird because most brunettes have brown eyes. I have 3 brothers, Luke, Tyler and James. They're all older than me. My mum died when I was three. I miss her alot. My dad keeps the house going, I love him because after all he's been through he still has the strenght to take care of the family.
A typical weekday for me is at my school, Prendegast, where I have to study hard, because when I grow up I want to get a good job.
A typical weekend is when I go to the Park with my best friend Alice, because we always have so much to tell eachother. We just spend all day in the park talking. Sometimes we go cinema, but park works best.

mam nadzieje ze pomoglo (: