Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I went with my family to the cinema to watch movie. The title of the movie was "Avatar". It is made by James Cameron, who made a fantastic film named "Titanic". When i watched i felt somehow, that it is a little bit similiar to "Matrix". It had a lot of fantasy but i really enjoyed it. Even my mom, who doesn't understand english liked this movie. The most fascinating scenes were 3D scenes. I felt like i was in the movie. Everything seemed so realistic.
On Masuria he is arriving in the picturesque town awfully looking,but waking the girlfriend up,family Makarewiczów.What is making her different from normal people, is an avocation for eating haemoglobin.However a promising point of departure which could serve for species games with the vampiric cinema, is getting bogged down in the shoal of a rural idyll

jest to recenzja kołysanki ;]