Write an email about a tour in your country or another country.(To ma być email do koleżanki)
Paragraph 1:
I'm writing.........Z 5 zdań
Paragraph 2:
We've just arrived.......Z 5 zdań
Paragraph 3:
Tonight we're......Ze 4 zdania

Bardzo proszę o pomoc:)Oddaje wszystkie punkty:(Z góry dziękuje:*



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hey Claudia.
I'm writing this email as I sit on the balcony, in a very comfortable chair, holding a drink in my hand. I'm so glad that I have finally arrived in Sweden. You know I was a bit skeptical to this whole trip, but now I know I was wrong, and this is worth all the money I payed for it. The trip was long, but being on the ferry and dancing with totally unknown guys was fun. We have just arrived so I hear arguing about rooms and space for clothes, I'll pack up my clothes later, want to be alone a bit. No need to hurry too. I'm sure this trip will be a week to remember. Tonight we are all going out to party. I have heard the Swedish nightclubs have a legacy of being wild. The guys here are not that bad either, some of them are hunks, really sexy, but, you know me, I can't help liking boys, hehe. Poor you that needed to stay at home, hope you will be healthy soon, and be ready for a long email every day from me describing everything that happened. Talk to you soon!
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