Opisz po angielsku swoj ulubiony styl muzyki ( w tym przypadku pop). Zaznacz ze lubisz tez inne gatunki. Napisz o cechach gatunku, kiedy sluchasz, dlaczego lubisz ten styl i kto go reprezentuje. Ogolnie w miare krotka (nie az tak bardzo) wypowiedź pisemna na ten temat.



Pop music is the music entertainment. As the "King of pop" Michael Jackson is considered "the Queen of pop 'Madonna is, but" pop princess "is Britney Spears. Pop is the opposite of rock music. I like other genres, but they pop is the best.

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My favourite genre is pop. Some people believe that pop is just trash but there's more to it than that. If you give your ear to accustom you will understand how fascinating it actually is. Moreover pop perfectly reflects who I am. It's all about energy and those who know me, know how energetic I am. Furthemore what I love about pop i that apart from entertainment it always gives me energy boots. I'm a very open minded person and like other genres too but pop is my favourite. Of course I respect people who listen to different styles of music. remember "talking about music is lika dancing about architecture" so you should give pop a chance instead of relying on what other people think. I listen to pop all the time apart from school as it makes me feel relaxed. The most popular pop singers are for instance: Michael Jackson. Madonna, Britney, Spears and many others.
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