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Poland, officially the Republic of Poland - the country located in Central Europe on the Baltic Sea. Border with Germany (West), Czech Republic and Slovakia (the south), Ukraine and Belarus (the east), the north-east of Lithuania and in the north of Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast). Moreover, Polish exclusive economic zone limit in the Baltic Sea bordered by zones of Denmark and Sweden.

In terms of surface area is 68 place in the world and ninth in Europe. In terms of population is 34 place in the world. The country is divided into 16 provinces which are divided into districts and then to the municipality.

Scotland - formerly independent kingdom, now a component of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Covers the northern part of the island of Great Britain and the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland. From the south border with England. Landscape in most parts of moor and mountain. The climate is moderately warm, very sea. Mountains in the north of Scotland and Grampian Highlands, Southern Uplands to the south. In the center of a small Plain Środkowoszkocka focusing most of the population.

Scotland is the patron Saint. Andrew. Flower of Scotland is characterized as a region belongs to the UK, is a thistle.