1. Write sentences in past progressive.

1. he / the car / wash
2. she / home / go
3. they / not / the match / watch
4. you / in the shop / work
5. I / not / a magazine / read

2.Write questions in past progressive.

1.she / on a chair / sit
2.you / your bag / pack
3. his head / ache
4.we / tea / drink
5.you / the bike / repair

3.Ask for the information in the bold part of the sentence.

1.Jamie was doing a language course IN LONDON.
2.Andrew was ccarrying A HEAVY BOX.
3.THE TEACHER was testing our English.
4.AT SIX O' CLOCK, we were having dinner.

W zadaniu 3. to dużymi literami u mnie jest pogrubione



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1) He was washing the car.
2) She was going home.
3) They weren't watching the match.
4) You were working in the shop.
5) I wasn't reading a magazine.

1) She was sitting on a chair.
2) You were packing your bag.
3) His head was aching.
4) We were drinking tea.
5) You were repairing the bike.

1) Where was Jamie doing a language course?
2) What was Andrew carrying?
3) Who was testing our English?
4) When were we having dinner?
1. He wash the car.
2. She go home.
3. They don't watch the match.
4. You work in the shop.
5. I don't read a magazine.

1. She sit on a chair.
2. You pack your bag.
3. his ache head.
4. We drink tea.
5. You repair the bike.

He washed the car.
She went home.
They weren't watch the match.
You worked in the shop.
I didn't read a magazine.
Did she sit on a chair?
Did you pack your bag?
Did his head ache?
Did we drink tea?
Did you repair the bike?
Where Jamie was doing a language course?
What Andrew was carrying?
Who was testing our english?
When we were having dinner?