Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My typical day at work (Old Navy) I get there, check where all the clothes is placed, because they change everything every week and I only work once a week.... Of course this part I don't get paid for, I just do before my shift to prep myself... Then I go in the back, put my stuff away. put on my name tag and check myself in the mirror about a hundred times... Then I go and put on my walkie which ruins my hair and hurts my ear, but it's okay... I have to do a walkie-check and when someone says you're good... I'm good... lol then I can clock-in... Then I go on the floor, I'm a sales assosciate, but my shifts usually fall on dead days.... Rutinely, I run a wrack of clothing from Fits, then clean up the tables because they get really messy, I go through all the clothes, make sure they're colour coded and in order of sizes... That usually takes me a while... When a customer needs something then I drop everything and help them out... if they need extra sizes I go get it, if the size they want isn't on the floor, I have to climb the ladder to check upstock, which is not only a pain, it's scary too.... The question I probably get asked the most is where is your fitting room, which is funny because when I point out the giant arrow hanging from the ceiling that reads fitting rooms, they get pretty embarassed! But yeah, that's mostly it, I can't really fully describe it just because it's different everyday depending on what the costumers want me to do... but I usually get a half hour lunch in there, which is really short but feels long because it's boring... My feet always hurt like hell, but I get through it... when the day's done I go back in the back clock-out, take off my name tag and my walkie, get my paycheck... then I get my stuff, then usually do a bit of shopping, spend my entire pay check on clothes... then go to leave... before I get to leave, however, they do a bag and coat check... the worst part of my day is the bus, because I can't drive yet, I have to use public transportation... it's so ghetto here, I have to take the bus 2 hours before I am schedualed to work, and depending on how late I work, I can wait up to 3 hours to get back home... but anyway, yeah, that's a day in my work life... lol