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O duszku spod łóżka:))

the ghost from under trze bed.

one day, after brakfast(pewnego dnia po sniadaniu) I was alone in my room. It was rainy. I did a homework. I dropped (upusciłam/em) my pan when suddenly (kiedy nagle), I heard (usłyszałam) strange noise(straszny hałas). I went in the badroom and I saw(zobaczyłam) a small, gray ghost in glasses.It was dancing and singing.I wasn`t scared and I laughted. Then I caught it but the ghost disappeared (znikł). In the end (na koncu), I told Mariola (opowiedziałam marioli)about this ghost.She didn`t belive me (nie uwierzyła mi).
Last summer I went with my parents to Trzęsacz (it's the polish town by the sea). Everything was great. The weather was fantastic - it was warm and sunny. I met very kind girl. Her name was Iza. She was really pretty and a little bit mysterious. We could spend whole day on the beach talking or playing games like volleyball or cards. One day she decided to go to church's ruins by the sea. But she wanted to go by night. I agreed to go with her, because i like such places.
We went out about 9 p.m. It was getting dark. There was no one on the beach. I was a little bit scared, but I dodn't want to show it. We sat near the ruins. She was looking at them and wasn't speaking, Then i asked her "Why are you looking at the ruins?" "I miss the days, when i could spend days here." - she answered. I didn't understand. I was sitting and looking at her when suddenly i heard a strange noise. It was something like laught, but it was also similar to howling. "You'll stay here with me! Forever!" Then she turned into an ugly creature. She was a ghost! She wanted to kill me, but I ran away. I was so scared! Luckily, my parents, who was seeking me, found me on the beach. They took my to car and we rushed for our things. After that, we decided to go back home. I will never forget about Iza.