Napisz Personal Letter
Write a letter to a friend. Imagine you are on an adventure holiday. Make notes on:
-the time of year, the place and what it is like
-the weather and how you are spending your time
-the people you are with adn what they are like
-the people you have met and something interesting about them



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
12th March 2009.

Hi Martha !

I`m writing to you from Coaratia , is so hot here ! . On the first day i came here i thought o God it`s gonna be great ! ,and it is great , i have so much fun. Today me and my family went on boats it was good fun. After boats we went surfing , i really enjoyed that, we were so hungry after all this so we went to get something to eat. You would never belive what i aet ! i aet a Octopus i thought it would be rotten but it was ok . Today morning was raining but for really short soon after the sun was shining so we went to the beach . I met this girl she is called Martha and she is from Austria,she can speak 4 languages english, polish, spanish and german she is really talented. She is in Coratia for 4 months , thats really long , she is really pretty and while tanned . Ok i have to end because i`m really tired .

Miss youu and love you ;)
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