Czesc. Mam napisac 10 zdań o tym co musze zrobic w domu. zdania maja byc po angielsku. Prosze o szybka pomoc mam miec to na jutro moge korzystac z tych wyrazow : tidy your room, clean the car , do your homework , take the dog for a walk , help with teh sopping, wah the dishes , look after your little brother/sister, tidy the garden. Zdania musza sie zaczynac od I have to lub I dont have to



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I have to tidy my room.Next i have tidy the garden.Next i have to take the dog for walk.I don't have to do my homework.My dad tell me that i have to do clean the car.Mum ordered me have to help with shopping.After that i have to look after my little brother.I don't have to do wash the dishes.I have to read a book.I don't have to cut the grass.