Proszę o rozwiązanie
11. Podczas ostatnich wakacji podróżowałeś/-aś po Anglii. Po powrocie
do szkoły nauczyciel języka angielskiego prosi, abyś zdał/-a relację
z tej podróży. Opowiedz:
• jakie miejsca zwiedziłeś/-aś;
• jak podróżowałeś/-aś;
• co Ci się nie podobało.
(rozmowę rozpoczyna egzaminujący)
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What would you saw ? !
Big Ben ... Ah ... Great place;) is really beautiful. I did not know, but you can go there;)! Let me free, because there was a festival or holiday ... Views were amazing .. Could see the sea xD Transparency was excellent. And even as it looked through binoculars ... :) Then I went to the London Eye. It is also amazing: D I enjoyed very much! I saw a lot;) The greatest palace of the queen. Even let us to dinner;)) was amazing! Cooks betrayed me how to do it .. No dinners are delicious. !Then I went to a restaurant, Sewa, there we go it was too spicy. I wanted to go back to the queen ... Hideous

Thank you . ;)
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

I saw many wonderful places. I was in England ,Scotland and Wales too. I stayed in London. I see most of this town.
I did sightseeing a lot. I visited Buckingham Palace whre the queen lives. I did shopping in Harrods, too.
I like the London eye most. I travelled by bus. In London are unusual buses: dubble -deckers.