Work - I do not like to work hard
furniture - stand in my room with new furniture.
trouble - I very rarely have any serious problems
money - I like to have a lot of money in your pocket
advice - I give very good advice
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I work hard every day.
In the street a heavy traffic is ruling.
Please, borrow money for me a bit.
I have a trouble.
Yesterday I lost luggage.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Accommodation - That is accommodated.
advice - This is not good advice!
behaviour - That's good behavior.
furniture - This girl has nice furniture in the apartment.
information - This is good news.
knowledge - I have a book of knowledge.
luck - Alice is lucky.
luggage - My neighbor has a large luggage in the car.
money - There are people who have billions of money.
permission - You have permission to enter the backstage!
progress - This is just progress.
rubbish - But rubbish!
scenery - At the gym in May beautiful scenery!

Tylko tyle.