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Tuna and pasta salad

ingredients; (for 9 people)
3 cups of macaroni
1 can of tuna
2 tomatoes
some cheese (optional)
some olives (optional)
2 large spoons of mayonnaise

Cook the pasta and then rinse it with cold water. While the pasta is cooking, slice the onion and tomatoes. open the can of tuna.
When the pasta is cold, mix all of the ingredients in a bowl. If you like, add some cheese and some olives. Finally, add the mayonnaise and put the salad info the fridge for 20 minutes.

Ten przepis wzielam z mojego podrecznika od jezyka angielskiego ;) Pozdrawiam.

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Przepis na "snicersa"
Cake: 3 glasses of flour 20 dag Kasia 2 eggs 2 teaspoonfuls of soda 3 spoonfulfuls of honey Mass and: ready cow mass (kajmak) ew. sweetened milk canned
II Mass: 20 dag of walnuts 4 spoonfulfuls of sugar 2 spoonfulfuls of honey 1 / 2 bones Kasia
III Mass: 1 creamy blancmange with sugar 1 / 3 bones Kasia

To the cake to knead elements. To divide in 3 parts. To prepare nut- mass to dissolve Kasia with the sugar and honey, to throw nuts and to lead to upheaval. To mix up, as far as mass a little bit will coagulate. To lay pies out onto the metal plate, inlaid with parchment. on one of them (raw) to pour nut mass out (hot). To bake every pie in the hot oven of 160 steps ok 15 minutes. After baking to leave pies to cool. At that time to make blancmange cream. To cook blancmange adding 1 / 3 milks fewer than in the regulation. After cooling to add Kasia and to grate to smooth mass.
If to the regulation a condensed milk is being applied - one should cook the closed can in the pot with water around through 2 - 3 hours on the small fire. We will obtain caramel mass. To chill can and only to open. After cooling all elements down one should combine pies into the whole. We are spreading on the first pie with caramel mass. we are arranging the other pie and we are greasing with blancmange mass. We are laying the last pie on the top with roasted nuts. it is possible to pour the Whole with the ready chocolate icing.
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