Polish parents in the Canary seem to notice what is more divided than what connects the Polish and British education system. Above all, they surprised financial penalties for absences and lateness, even up to 1 500 pounds. - In my daughter's school to be penalized just nine spóźnień - complains Mrs. Jolanta, 7-year-old mother, Magda and 6-year-old Janek. - At school in Kensington, to which my children attend, classes begin with the setting of pupils in a row. Later greets them a teacher. Then, after another come to class. After closing the door, anyone who was not present at the collection, and tries to come to class, is deemed late. 9.02 is still okay, but 9.07 is no longer - she explains. Dad 7-year notes Zosia biggest difference in the way of teaching. - My child likes to go to school, he learns through play. How I went to school in Poland, it was rather learning by cram. Therefore, from the beginning I did not like it - joking.

Looks like a completely different school days. There is no five-minute breaks between lessons. There are only two, but for this hour. The first lunch. Second on the play. - In the early years of education of children sit in class and doing different things. There is no division into objects. Everything is mixed up - adds Mr Stefan.

During the summer, students at the second break and run in the pitch. - Once Magda fell. Smashed knee and broke her forehead. Rang me and told me that the child was an accident. You can imagine what I thought - says Mrs Jolanta. - It turned out that her daughter is just turned the. Accurately described to me what happened, what are the symptoms, how it feels. At the end of the question was asked, if removal from her school, or can be. Of course, I said that was. But this is not the end. In the afternoon, you come pick up her daughter from school, I received a detailed report on a piece of A4 paper. Drawn on her head and pointed out a place where there was a bruise, and was placed next to comprehensive explanation. Here he was drawing his feet with an equally detailed description - she adds.

Polish parents enjoy the fact that the school provides children with all the necessary teaching aids such as books, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc. Of course it happens that babies bring their own utensils, but rather to hide them in backpacks, and show themselves stealthily on a break. If you are trying to draw them in the classroom are immediately asking the teacher. School is not stressful or children or parents. Wywiadówki, and actually meeting with the teacher, take place in private. There are no stories about the bad public behavior, etc. - shall be appointed hour, to which you come. These meetings consist of praise rather achievements of the child - gives Ms. Jolanta.

UK teachers condemn the aggression - said Stefan. - We have witnessed with my wife, as the boy ran out of class crying that he was struck by a colleague. What his father said: "This is his take." Teacher, and she heard it announced that it has no right so to speak, and the incident ended with the Director.