• Użytkownik Zadane
The film tells the story of lawyer John Clark, in this role Richard Gere, advanced age, who decides to change something and save the school dance, in addition to the daily passes, but did not dance fascinated him, or rather woman, whom he saw daily in the school window. The girl is played by Pauline Jenifer Lopez, so the fascination is justified. Initially it to class to watch the young dancer. But with time become more and more addictive, better start dancing.
  • Użytkownik Zadane
This warm and romantic comedy is a remake of Japanese film of the same title. In the new version are:
Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, Susan Sarandon and Stanley Tucci.
Every evening John Clark on his way from work to see in the box, a dance school Miss Mitzi - a young teacher dancing
(Jennifer Lopez), the lost expression on his face. Its curious look, got off the train one night and
recorded on dancing lessons for beginners. At first he is shy and awkward. It seems that the
movements never will become graceful. However, the dance soon becomes his passion, a great pleasure and an escape from
monotony of life. Suddenly, the dance school meets its staff, who, like him, hiding dance
Hobbies (Stanley Tucci).
John is not ready to tell his wife about his passion for dancing for fear that this will think that he is not satisfied
marriage. But his mysterious behavior, resulting from the secret preparations for the biggest events
dance in Chicago, raised in Beverly suspicion. She hires a detective, who initially thought that John the
romance. John soon discovers that it can not just chase after their dreams. The trick is to connect them with
someone to share.
"Dance with me just talks about busy man wkraczającym into the world of dance" - says director Peter
Chelsom. "He talks about people who, through tańcowi discover who you really are and who they want to be." From the beginning
drew attention to the fact that the film is not just a story about the dance. Dance only perfectly complements it. "