Niedawno byłeś w kinie napisz list do przyjaciela:
-powitaj go i napisz co obecnie robisz
-napisz na jakim filmie byłeś w kinie i jaka była obsada filmu
-opis fabułę filmu i napisz co ci się najbardziej podobało
-poleć ten film koledze i zaproś go do siebie



Hello Jack,
what are you doing today?
I was recently in the cinema on the film "Twilight". The main parts are actress Kristen Stewart and actor Robert Pattinson. Film tells about a girl Bella who goes to a new school and later falls in love with vampire Edward. It is very interesting and exciting story. I liked the scenes with the vampires. It seems a little terrible. The film is fantastic and really worth it to watch. I recommend it to you!
If you have time you will visit me.

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