Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
  • Mai
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Dear Sir!
I am writing to express my concern about the plans to build a motorway near our village.
I am afraid that people may not be happy with this idea.

Here is a beautifully- there are great parks and quietly alleys. We have fresh air and clean streets. Often, I walk and I am happy with wonderful scenery. I really like my village.

Many people moved here from big cities to live in peace. They had quite sound and smell of car exhaust. They released a lot of money on their homes. Many people are already old. They want to have a quiet old age.

If the planned motorway is built, life in Haldersham will change dramatically. It will be a lot of noise and the air won't longer so clean. House price will go down, because nobody will want to live in a place close to a motorway.

I think that nobody will happy with the highway construction. I hope you divide my opinion and you do not build a highway near our village.

Yours faithfully