Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
To make one fur coat we need to kill 40 coons, 150 ermines, 11 lynxes, 18 foxes, 55 minks or 100 chinchillas. Is it worth? Is there a place for something so cruel in civilized world? To prove how bad is killing for fur, I want to assign some unequivocal arguments.
First of all it is cruel. Animals which are kept for fur have short and unhappy lives. They are kept in extremely small overcrowded cages in dramatically bad conditions.
Next, killing animals for furs is unnecessary because now we can make man-made materials very cheaply! It is amazing how natural they look like.
Above all, there is no place in the civilized world in the twenty-first century for something like that. It is quiet drama of defenceless animals. Finally, some animals that are hunted for furs are endangered species!
Opponents say that animal fur is warmer and more attractive than man-made materials.
Next, they refer to history. They say that wearing fur is natural ? Man has been wearing it for thousands of years, but they don't add that now we don?t have to do it to survive.
In conclusion killing animals for fur is needless, cruel and morally disgusting. In my opinion people should do something to finish this inhuman case.
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