Napisz e-mail po Angielsku tylko nie z translatora np:napiszesz po polsku a on ci przetłumaczy na temat gdzie jesteś np:włochy, jaka jest pogoda, co zwiedziłeś a czego nie, co zrobiłeś, kiedy wracasz do domu i na koniec jakieś pozdro. (wielkie dzięki za zrobienie dam najlepsze)



Hi Brad!
Greetings from Portugal. It's great here. We travelled by boat to northern Spain and then we drove down to Portugal. It was a long journey, but we played computer games in the car and we stoped to visit some places in Spain on the way. We had a problem yesterday, because I lost my wallet. I put it on the table in a restaurant and then i forgot it. Luckily someone found it.
Hope you're OK.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi John!
How are things? I'm in Roma, in Italy. Ilive in the best hotel - Grand Hotel. I have a tasty food: oranges, sea fruits and fish.
It's hot and I'm having the time of my life!The weather is beautiful and here is sunny :)
The town is great! I've already visited a Koloseum and I liked it a lot. I saw Kaplica Sykstyńska. I want to see the museums yet.
I've been doing a lot of sightseeing. Tommorow I am planning to spend all day on the beach.
I will come back next week. What would you like to get from Italy?
What are you up to? How are you?