My first day at work was really exciting. I could'nt wait to see my own office. When I entered the door of the company I noticed that people were looking at me. They were probably curious who will be their new manager in fasion department. My new boss introduced me to other emploees. They seemed to be friendly and frank people. I couldn't hope for a better group of people to work with. After the introduction by boss took me to my new office at the fifth floor. When I entered the room I was shocked. The room was big and modern with a huge window. The view was breathtaking. It was definitely perfect room for fashion stylist. I flet that I can create anything. I already had a tousands of fasion projects in my head. My boss left me in my perfect room and told me to feel comfortable. Honestly, I felt satisfied that I can work in this company. My dream came true and I couldn't wish for a better job than working in the fasion industry. I hope I will satisfy my employer. I will do my best to meet his expectations.