Mam napisać email do nowego przyjaciela(zadanie z new friends skills Corner 4)(5-6 zdań)Ma być o muzemum na poziomie 6 klasy podstawówki.Ma zaczynać się:
I was very interested in your email.....
Bardzo bym prosił o tłumaczenie.



I was very interested in your email about your story about museum. I like that kind of places too! That it's so interesting! I remember when i was there last time, if i remember well it was half year ago. You know, in my city is huge museum with dinosaur's skeletors. That it's great. It's hard to imagine that dinosaurs lived here so long ago. You should see it too. Maybe if you will visit me in next summer we will go together.
Take care,
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I was very interested in your email..... ( cześć byłem bardzo zainteresowany twoim e-mailem) . I just have to rided something too you about my spending day. I was in great muzem it was soo intresting I walking around big rock bicuse into was a long word and weard worm. My brouther was with me but he was intresting somthing another I thing it was a girl. What are you doing today ?
And what you doing tomorrow bicuse I was hope we was spending day playing with your faworite game.