My room is shaped prostokąta.Jest sunny and colorful, because the ceiling has a cream-colored walls, and four red grejfruta.Na floor panels are clear koloru.Ozdobą floor is a small, shaggy rug in black and white plamy.Na against the door there is a window through which wakes me up every morning słońce.Na my windowsill is a collection of porcelain dogs, which I brought from different colonies and wycieczek.Bardzo like these figórki because the remind me of pleasant moments spent in wakacjach.Łóżko stands oknem.Jest blue with yellow dots and blue stripes . On the wall next to his bed hangs a yellow star-shaped light at which I fall asleep at the side facing wieczór.Z wardrobe, cupboard and biórko on which stands a desk komputer.Nad hang two shelves on which I keep pluszaki.Obok two books stand one regały.Na and playing the second frame with planszowe.Na koszatniczką.Moim think my room is pretty and przytulny.Bardzo safely in it I feel.
I love my room. There is a big window. There is a desk and a chair under the window.There is a computer on the desk. There is a door next to the desk. There is a bed and under the bed there is my diary. There is a little table next to my bed. On the bed, there is my mobile and my DVD player. I have got a bookcase with a lot of books. On my floor there is a big carpet.
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