Napisać pocztówke z Londynu w ktorej ma byc zawarte;
pogoda,2miejsca w ktorych bylas,1 miejsce ktore chcesz odwiedzic,opisz wrazenia.

Pocztowka ma byc na przykładzie np. takiej:

we're in Mallorca.It's lovely here and the weather is fantastic.We're at a campsite in a small village.This is a picture of the beach near the campsite.We go swimming every morning and Kate goes sailing in the afternoon too.

Wish you were here!






Dear Melanie,
I'm having a lovely time in London. The weather is fantastic.
I went for a ride on the London Eye yesterday afternoon. The viwe from the top was fantastic! I went cycling and saw some beautiful little villages. Tommorow I'm going shopping on Oxford Street.

Wish you were here!
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Hi Peter,
We`re having a great time in London, though the weather isn`t very good. We`re staying at a small hotel the Tower of London.
We went for a ride on the London Eye yesterday afternoon. The view from the top was fantastic! This afternoon we`re talking a boat trip on the Thames and tomorrow we`re going shopping in Oxford Street.
We`re flaying home on Saturday. See you at the airport.
Bye for now!

Na pewno jest dobrze, dostałam z tego 5. Pozdrawiam.
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