Jakie czasy występują w tym tekście i podać przykłady. :) proszę pomocy.. :(:(

how are you ?? I hope you`re well . I`m writing to tell you about my holiday. It`s a total disaster!
they plane was ten hours late and we got here at 4 o`clock on sunday morning ! the next day. I went to the beach for a swim. however it`s miles from the hotel and it`s crowded. the sad is freezing and it`s polluted - there`s a chemical factory next to the beach !

the hotel is terrible too in the brochure, it said all the rooms had excellent views of the sea - from my room, all i cam see is the hotel car park ! the swimming pool was also lovely in the brochure - but it`s very small and full of noisy children

my room is terrible too. It`s dirty and this morning . I found an enermous cockroach in the shower ! And there is a noisy family next to me.

I`m eating a sandwich in my room at the moment because the waiters in the restaurant are rude and unfriendly . The food is terrible. Yesterday , there was a fly in may salad - it was disgusting !!

Well , it`s time time for bed. I`d like a shower but , of course , there`s no hot water tonight . And I can`t watch a film because the telewision doesn`t work.

I can`t waint to get home ! see you soon!!



Present continous : I'm writting to tel you...
Past simple : We got here at 4 o'clock ....
Presen simple : The television doesn't work.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Present Simple: "how ARE you ??", "my room IS terrible too."

Present Continuous: "I'M WRITING to tell you about my holiday.", "I'M EATING a sandwich in my room at the moment"

Past Simple: "they plane WAS ten hours late and we got here at 4 o`clock on sunday morning!", "I FOUND an enormous cockroach in the shower"