Take turns to ask and answer questions about changes in your life in the last three years. Example, talk about these things:
- starting a new hobby or sport
- learning to ride a motor bike or a horse
- going abroad
- meeting a new friend

A. Have you started a new hobby or sport ?
B. Yes, I have. I started playing basketball last year.

Zadanie ma myć rozwiązane wyłącznie za pomoca czasu Present Perfect i Past Simple. Rozwiązanie na 10 pytań i odpowiedzi .;D



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Have you learned how to ride a motor bike or a horse?
Yes I have. I rode a horse last summer.

Have you ever gone abroad?
No, I haven't. I had no money.

Have you met new friends in England?
Yes, I have. I met Sue and her brother Mike.

Have you ever been in Australia?
Yes, I have. I swam in Coral Sea.

Have you read this book?
No, I haven't. I had no time.

Have you ever learned English?
Yes I have. I have learned English for 3 years.

Have you ever visited your cousin Jim?
No, I haven't. I have never liked him.

Have you been happy after party?
Yes, I have. I got many presents.

Have you known Mr Bong?
Yes, I have. She has learned in my previous school.

Have you eaten dinner?
No, I haven't. I wasn't hungry.