Napisz list po angielsku o wakacjach. Plan listu:
1. Wstęp
*pytamy o wakacje
*cel naszego listu (dlaczego piszemy)
2. Rozwinięcie
*kiedy i jak dotarliśmy na miejsce
*jak spędziliśmy 1. dzień
*opisujemy okolicę
*opisujemy hotel
*opisujemy pokój
*opisujemy jedzenie
*ogólne nasze odczucia
*kiedy wracamy do domu

`jestem początkująca, z języka angielskiego, a mam takie zadanie domowe na jutro.

**list ma mieć minimum 120 słów , max: 150.

Z góry dziękuję. :*



Dear Michał (np)
In the first lines in my letter i want to send you greeting.I didn't see you very long time.Where are you on your holiday?I am in France in Paris.What about you?I am writting this letter to you because i want to invitie you to my grandparents in august.Will you come?
Well now i tell you about my holiday in Paris.I arrive here a week ago and i have a great fun. Yesterday i was in a museum. Then i went with my parent's to Eifle tower. it is very huge and high.I was frighten.After that we went to the cinema.There was a lot of people.In the evening we went to paris restaurant. They had very good meals.
Paris is big and beautiful city.In the evening there are a lot of lights,this looks beautifull.There is hot but sometimes its rainy.Peoples are nice and firends.I like this city a lot.I live in hotel.This hotel have 5 strars,so very its luxurious.The workers are nice and i like them.I have big room with a tv and computer.There are two beds one for me and one for my parents.Room is yellow with blue bahroom.In bathroom there is a big bath.On breakfasts i go to hotel restaurant.The food is very good and i like it.I know a chief so i can my tel him to make something special for me.I fell good here in paris but i want go home.The people are nice,I am happy i know french and i can talk with them.
I hope you're feel good.
Best hishes(podpis)
ps: I come back to home for a 3 days
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hey Tom,
I send you greetings from Greece. How do you pass your holiday? Where have you selected? I am writing to you because I miss our conversations and I look forward to our meeting. Plane flew to Greece with my sister. We are here since the first of July. On the first day of our trip we were in the theater. It was very good. Location is very beautiful and I could even live here. The hotel is very cozy. Include a swimming pool and sauna. Our room is beautiful and we have a view of the entire miato. The food is delicious. I loved the Greek kitchen. I am glad that I could spend the holidays here because she brings me very like it and will certainly come here yet. To return home in late July. Yours Anne
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