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Jest to drugi co do wielkości wieżowiec w USA ,znajduje się w Nowym Jorku.Jego wysokość wynosi 381 metrów.Posiada 102 piętra.
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The Empire State Building was completed in New York in 1931. It was the tallest building in the world. It held that title for more than forty years, until the first of the World Trade Center's towers were built. Even though the Empire State Building is no longer the tallest building in the world, it still holds the title as the best-known architectural landmarks. Around the Great Depression days in the 1930s, the Empire State Building was almost completed. Although, there were many hardships around the Great Depression, the Empire State Building was completed with skill and honor. It still remains as one of the best, out of all those in the world.


Two men had a dream to build the tallest building in the world in New York City. They were John J. Raskob and Alfred E. Smith. The building's name came from one of the New York's nicknames as the "Empire State." Raskob had worked as a bookkeeper who eventually worked his way up to be the vice-president of General Motors. Smith was a former governor who proved to be an unsuccesssful canditdate during the elections. They met and discussed the idea to building the "Empire State Building." First they had to find a place to build such a building. They found that the best site would have to be on the old and closed Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on Fifth Avenue, betwwen 33rd and 34th streets This site was close to Manhattan 's southern tip because to support heavy and tall buildings, they needed bedrock underneath them. This much bedrock could only be found in Manhattan. Bedrock is an enormous, strong, deep rock that is enough to hold enormous pressure and weight. The two partners also wanted the building located where business was good. Raskob had paid around $20 million for the closed hotel, which was then torn down to begin this new project.
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The empire state building names after the nickname of New York-empire state was built in 1931 and was the tallest building for 40 years. it counts 102 floors and is placed on the intersection of 5th avenue and west 34th street. it is the 3rd tallest skyscraper in America and the 15th tallest building in the world. on july 28th at 9:40 pm a plane crashed into the northern part of the building. leaving 14 lifes taken and many injured it hit between the 79th and 80th floor. an elevator operator Betty Lou Oliver survived a plunge of 75 stories inside an elevator,holds the record for most floors fallen down in an elevator
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