Ostantnio I thought a lot about the future. More or less on the profession of which I will perform in the future. So yes, I thought, and came to that I wniązku school teacher. I know it's Cieszko job but I like it because zawud I can give something back to children and teens. You can still write what you will do, being an educator no example: - keep special classes of therapeutic if a specialist such as preparation of terapiii teaching, speech therapy, sociotherapy - lead the subject to prepare for life in the family. Turn to the school teacher: 1 Do you feel that nobody understands you, you're lonely. 2. You can not communicate with the teacher. 3. You have family problems, you are in a difficult financial situation. 4. Want to share your joy and success. 5. Would you like to help others, do not know how. 6. You have interesting ideas that you want to share. Come and with any matter with which he can not do to deal with. You can still add a lot there that zawud hmmm so what is void! Although such a short word that has so many meanings
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Sience i was a child i wanted to be a doctor. When i was small i thought that it's only testing people but now when i'm older i know it's a hard job . You have to study a lot to attain your target. You have to be careful becouse you take responsilibity about somebody's life . i think life is the most beautiful thing we could get and i want to help others people save it and be still happy . I admire people like doctors are and i want to become like there are too .
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