Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Waiter:Good morning.What would you like?
Toby: I'd like spaghetti bolognesse and fish soup,please.
Greg:Why don't you try something new?
Toby:No.I like pasta. What's wrong with that?
Waiter:Would you like some garlic bread?
Toby:No thanks. I don't like garlic.
Waiter:And for you?
Greg:I'll have the steak tartare and fish soup too, please.
Toby:Do you know what steak tartare is, Greg?
Greg:Yes of course I do. And some chips please.
Toby:And can we have two colas, please?
Waiter:Would you like desserts?
Toby:Yes I'd like chessecake please.
Greg:No thanks.
(5 minutes later)
Waiter:One spaghetti bolognese, one steak tartare,two fish soup
Greg:Thank you. Err... Toby! This isn't cooked!
You didn't tell me that steak tartare is raw!