Proszę pomóż mi odpowiedzieć na te pytania !!
1. If you could visit any country in the world , where woulde you go to ?
2.If you could meet a fomous person, who would you choose?
3.If someone gave you 50 , what would you buy?
4.If you could , what would you change about your appearance?
5.If you were prime minister or president , what would you change first?
Bardzo proszę :)



1. I would visit U.S.A.
2. I would choose Eminem.
3. I would buy a vodka(wstaw sobie za "a vodka" co tam bys kupil jak bys mial 50).
4. I would change my nose( albo co tam chcesz zmienic ze swojego wygladu)
5. I would finish military iraq mission.