Błagam o sprawdzenie, poprawienie błędów i urozmaicenie wypracowania z angielskiego :

I live in a small village which called Bruliny. My house is a small bungalow, but it's very cozy. In my house is a ground floor and first floor, where there is an attic. It has got eight rooms. When you go through the front door you're in the hall. On the ground floor you can find a kitchen with a dining room and a bathroom. There is my father's office, grandparents' room, parents' room and my room, too. I share my room with my younger brother. We all have a shared bathroom with a toilet and a big bath. There'a a lot of antiques, old toys and rubbish in attic. In my room walls are painted blue. The whole house is lined with floor panels. Garden is my fovourite place. There is a lot of beautiful flowers and bushes in it. Next to the garden is a big garage. My house is full of modern furniture. I like my house, because it's very comfortable.



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