Imagine that you were with the group that went to the Arctic. Write a paragraph describing your trip.

OR Write a paragraph about a different trip - real or imadinary!
- Where did you go?
- How long was the trip?
- Hoe did you get there?
- What did you do?
- What was the best/worst thing about the trip?

PS. minimum 10 zdań



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I went to Paris last week. It was an amazing trip. It took me three hours to get there by the undergroud train 'eurostar', and that wasn't fun at all, because it was dark and damp. After I got out in Paris, I went straight to see The Eiffel Tower. I looked up, and i saw a big tower of plain cold steel above me. It's just one of them feelings I will never forget. Althought, I have to say the best thing about the trip was when me and my brother tried buying sausage rolls in French. It was hilarious, even the woman at the shop was laughing. After all, that trip is unforgettable.

mam nadzieje ze pomoglam x]
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