Pilne prosze pomóc w napisaniu listu nieformalnego . Kolega, którego poznałeś ostatnio na kursie językowym w Anglii, wybiera się na wakacje do Polski. Napisz do
niego list, w którym:
• wyrazisz radość z powodu jego przyjazdu i zaprosisz go na kilka dni do siebie
• doradzisz, jak podróżować i podasz powód, dlaczego tak sądzisz
• polecisz miejsca warte zobaczenia i uzasadnisz swój wybór
• zarekomendujesz rodzaj zakwaterowania i zaoferujesz pomoc w szukaniu noclegu



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Bob,
I was delighted to hear that you are coming over to Poland. Why haven't you told me before huh? Well anyway, I would like to make you feel welcome in my home country, that's why I am inviting you to stay over at my flat for a couple of days. I would love to hear all the stories about other coutries you have visited. It must be beautiful in Spain and Japan...
Well Bob, I would also like to give you some tips on how to travel around Poland. If I was you, I would get a car for a couple of days to be honest, but on the other side, you can always take the bus or train, which means you can also take pictures, whilst in one of them vehicles. I am such a nice person, that I have also made you a list of places you may want to visit before you leave, for example;
-pier in Gdansk, because it is an amazing place.
-Warsaw, yes, it's the capital city of Poland and it has a lot of tourist attractions.
-A castle in Malbork, because that is where some important parts in history of Poland happened.
I can also help you find a good camping place if you like sleeping under the stars, or a nice hotel if you like luxury. As I mentioned before, you may stay over at mine for a couple of days, just to get you started. I think you might like a hotel near my house, because it's not too expencive, and it's quite cosy.
Can't wait to see you.

Best Wishes,
Yours faithfully,

mam nadzieje ze pomoglo (: