My favourite place where i can relax is my house with garden and forrest.
In my room i have guitar and i sometimes play on it.
I have computer i very like listen music from it.
I have really loud speakers, so I can listen my music on very loud settings (My neighbor don’t like this)
Room have only one widow but I have beautiful view of the garden.
Garden is very big, in garden i have so many flowers it’s really miagical place.
In this place grows Tulips, geraniums and daisies.
Birds fly, sun shine, grass grow and I have a real good time.
When I’m tired after school, I go to the living room, It’s a cozy place and I can Watch TV and speak with my friends. In living room I have Really big window with a glass doors to the terrace.
My house it’s REALLY good place to relax, example in basement I have Mini Game room.
It’s a dark place but really good for relax.
In my game room I have game consoles like Playstation 2 and Xbox 360.
I really like computer games.
There is a forest nearby my house where I can see go to pick mushrooms.
It’s really Green forrest.
In forrest lives so many animals: birds, boars , bears and many other.
When I was young I was scare of this place and I don’t like it, but now I love this forrest.
This silence is very great.