Love you all forgive

Ryszard Zatorski romantic comedy "Just love me", which came in theaters January 20 this year, proved a big hit. On the big screen saw her more than 1 800 000 spectators, which brought its authors not only generate substantial profits, but also Amber Lions - an award for the film, which won the most successful theaters frekwencyjny.

"Just love me" from a few weeks, is available on DVD in stores and video rental stores, which also enjoys a considerable popularity. This is not surprising, since, for all its banality and innocence of comedy Richard Zatorski offers viewers what to expect it - and the rest is gray sad everyday.

Protagonist is a young, handsome architect Michael. On his way suddenly appear until three women: Agatha, a few years Julia and Michaela. From the shrine? apparently? head does not hurt, but ... Beautiful ladies? each separately - effectively invert the quiet, arranged Michael's life upside down!

Persons interested in peer review the same film I refer to your text, which appeared on the site in the vicinity of cinema premiere comedy, now I will focus only on DVD release.

Although "Just love me" was the most popular indigenous theatrical production this year, its founders decided to market an extended release DVD movie. Edition, which hit the shops and rentals, though excellent on the technical side, disappointing number of special allowances.

On the disc were the only place for 3 additional material: "Making Of", "Interviews with the creators of" and "Gallery of stills. On the cover plate shall indicate that there also find the movie trailer, but in spite of the sincere desire I could not locate it.

Being a little over 13 minutes "Making Of" is well done and richly illustrated with photographs and statements from the creators of the plan document telling about the work on the film. The material is very advertising, but in spite of the incident from all sides of praise and admiration we learn from it, inter alia, how much effort it cost developers to show on the big screen Postcard of Warsaw, and what they wanted to achieve the objective of carrying your movie.

"Interviews with the creators of" is being less than 4 minutes added, in which the film said Maciej Zakościelny (in view of the scenario was created comedy), Richard Zatorski and Agnieszka Grochowska.

List of additional materials closes the already mentioned "Gallery of stills," or animated photo gallery from the film and the film plan.

'Only love me'.