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Answer the questions in pairs.
1.Do you think channel surfing is a good way of watching television? Why? / Why not?
2.Do you ever fall asleep with your television on?
3. What programmes did you like watching when you were a child?
4. What are your favourite TV channels now? Give examples of channels that offer:
a music videos
b reality shows
c educational programmes
d game shows



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I think channel surfing is wrong way of watching television, because we can't watch one thing and understend them- we watch a lot of programs and we don't know anything about everything.
2. I have fell asleep many time when my television on .
3. When I was a child I liked watching cartoons. I liked Mickey Mouse the most.
4. Now my favourite TV channel is VIVA- music channel.
a) program which offers music videos is VIVA or 4funTV
b) program which offers reality shows is MTV or VH1
c) program which offers educational programmes National Gography
d) program which offers game shows is Mango Channel

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