Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Poland population is (tu wpisujesz liczbę osób w polsce).Poland president is Lech Kaczyński.Poland capital is Warsaw.Mr.Kaczyński lives in Warsaw.Poland is divided into 14 provinces.Warsaw is in Mazowieckie.Polish Prime Minister is Donald Tusk.In poland is score curriculum other than in poland than Gemany.Best rating is 6, which means excellent.Hymn of Poland called Mazurka Dąbrowskiego.Polacy when they sing the national anthem, put his hand on his chest and stand at attention.Poland have their own brand car, which is called the Fiat. Poland has its wise sayings such polak on poverty.Flag Poles have two colors at the top is white at the bottom czerwony.Poles are good runners such Justyna Kowalczyk, who won gold in Vancouver, for example, whether Adam Malysz , who is a jumper with silver medals in her career.

Jest tutaj 16 zdań ale są takie długie że nauczyciel/ka się nie czepnie