Hej muszę napisać email do przyjaciela sugerując podjęcie nowego zajęcia,które moze poprawić nasze samopoczucie weź pod uwagę nastepujące elementy :
rodzaj zajęć,data godzina,wyrazenia i zworty ktorych mozna uzyc by coś zaproponować ..

z góry dziękuje za pomoc:)



Hi Mike!

I have been recently thinking about starting a new Karate course. I think it would be a very valuable experience for us, because we both like to exercise ourselves and I guess that a sport such as a martial art would give be a great help to us. I have also looked up some clubs on the Internet, but there is one that seems to be suitable for the both of us. The club is settled on Woleńska Street and the courses are carried out every wednesday and friday at 5:00 pm and each lesson lasts for two hours. We will also be able to advance in ranks once every two months and that's what will give us an opportunity to take part in several championships! Just imagine holding that golden cup in from of the crowd scanding your name...

Anyway, I am looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,
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