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Country : San Marino
Location : south-west Europe ('inside' Italy)
Population : about 28,000
Capital : San Marino

Other information :
-one of the smallest countries in Europe (the Vatican City and Monaco are smaller)
-famous for Grand Prix motor racing
-castle on top of mountain (Mount Titan)
-great for shopping, restaurants, music

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San Marino is the one of the smallest countries in Europe, but it is bigger than the Vatican City and Monaco. It is located in the south-west Europe,inside Italy. A number of people, who are living there is about 28,000.The capital of this country called San Marino.
It's famous for Grand Prix motor racing, and there is a castle on top of mountain,the mountain is called Mount Titan.San Marino is great for do some shopping, you can eat there in the best restaurants and you can listen there fantastic music.